Our main target is to supply the demand of transformator of a high quality in this sector and other sectors.

Changing customer portfolio has brougtht about a very wide variety of productions along with itself. It has diversity in one or two different dry type (air cooling) isolation, nutrition transformers from 10 VA to 50 KVA and three different, from 150 VA to 250 KVA together with shock transformer-Line (sound) transformer and UI type transformers.

Our firm has proved its seriousness in its subject by receiving CE Quality Certification fort he first time in Turkiye in 1999. By our seriousness, 95% of our customer portfolio consist of exporter firms, Our concept of quality strains the standart of European Union by the power we take from these firms.

All the protuctions provide producer firm safety in the ups and downs in the mains tension by the tolerans production in +15 / -15V Primer cover. All the productions also provide user safety because they are equipped with electrostatics screen and grounding.


The objective of Matis Human Resources Department is to evaluate the needed business positions and to choose the most appropriate person who has suitable technical and behavioral qualifications about the policy, objective and culture of the Matis Company for that business position.